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Elke Therapeutics is a secnd generation pre-clinical  biotech firm .

Our Mission : Optimize  potent,multi-stage therapies & supplements .

Pipeline -Advance Solid tumor inhibitors ( KRAS ) ,  COVID 19 Resistance formulations ,.  Immune support supplements  Future  :Synthetic MSC therapies


Goals  : Commercialize lead candidates that are based on Natural Product Chemistry & Discovery AI .

We are seeking additional capital that will give us an edge over our competitors.

Invest with us &  you can help advance products with life changing effects .

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Tech Update :

Our team is enrolled in the CAI-Innovate Children's Health Challenge .Goals : Advance  novel Natural Product solutions for   MDD (Major Depressive Disorder ) in children .Stress, genes & neuronal  inflamation can reshape brain structure . Our approach  employs multi-targeted preclinical products,i.e N-3PUFAs & proprietary receptor antagonists candidates  for a therapeutic impact .

Company News: Coming soon in May -:Pandemic Wellness Guide

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A pre-clinical biotech firm focused on preventing & targeting life threatening disorders

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  • Elke therapeutics Inc.is an early stage firm with specialty niche candidates.  Goals  include : Discover & design potent therapeutics that will impact human health & decrease the economic burden of key diseases.

  • Financials Pre-Money Valuation : 3.5 M , Post Money 6M.*Valuation based on adjusted equation & POS of a biochemical equation. ( VC Equation) We are seeking additional  operational funding.

Experienced team includes:

  • S.Elvira Davis M.S. Founder /Biochemist /Biotech /Patent Writing expertise.LIU, NYU-Alumni.

  • Mr . Gaita -Marketing Help,Animation -Lemonlight

  • In coming -COO ,Mr. Mereday -Investment.Banking expertise, NYU -Stern.

  • Padma Analou -   P.Chemist , St Johns University

  • Mr. Hamound -CFO Support- Topal

  • Legal-Faber  Firm Inc.. Advisement-A.Chemical Society , Family Office Club-Florida , Federal

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